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featuring neutral flags
12,102 matches
lasting 907:43:26
latest match is #2923181,
Open Field Masters

featuring neutral flags
7,681 matches
lasting 523:52:52
latest match is #2924732,
Transilio 2020

Grapefruit, HarkMollis, bright, DragonBeast, and okthen
featuring diagonal walls
6,221 matches
lasting 824:30:33
latest match is #2924373,

Ball-E, okthen
featuring diagonal walls
4,930 matches
lasting 641:36:47
latest match is #2924341,
Pilot 2

Cosine and okthen
featuring diagonal walls
3,723 matches
lasting 489:43:39
latest match is #2911550,

FLY, Fronj, and DragonBeast
featuring diagonal walls
2,929 matches
lasting 386:49:39
latest match is #2922777,
Sugar Hill

alchemist & JuicyJuke
featuring diagonal walls
2,822 matches
lasting 368:45:53
latest match is #2924201,
Willow 2

Tumblewood and DragonBeast ft. TPMMTC
featuring diagonal walls
2,488 matches
lasting 323:13:48
latest match is #2924355,

Tumblewood + DragonBeast
featuring diagonal walls
1,574 matches
lasting 200:43:19
latest match is #2700942,
Audacity 2

featuring diagonal walls
1,506 matches
lasting 197:13:41
latest match is #2924370,
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