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Capture the Game


MapBox Turtle

Fronj and Nigel
6:00 time limit
Some Ball 1
For The Win
Ok l'm Bad
Some Ball 5
Some Ball 2
0:39Some Ball 5
1:59For The Win
2:08Some Ball 5
Typepublic match
Server Dallas
port 9004
Raw data URLhttps://tagpro.eu/data/?match=2386562


Play­erGrabsHoldCap­turesDropsPopsPreventHaveChaseTake­o­versRe­turnsTagsCom­bosBut­tonBlockPow­er-upsPow­erPlayPlus-mi­nusWinScoreRank points
Ok l'm Bad60:430660:090:040:1566700:000:2920:252:08+366
Some Ball 540:132220:210:120:1944500:050:1500:002:08+364
For The Win196°30:091220:230:120:1033300:001:0400:002:08+351+13
Some Ball 130:210350:340:160:0822200:000:3010:042:08−333
Some Ball 220:070220:400:260:0211100:000:2510:202:08+329

Power-up luck

Spawn luckboth1.33+2.671.33−1.331.33−1.338.7920.01
Collection luckRed1.0000001
Total luckRed0.33+0.670.33−0.330.33−0.338.7940.07



1:57.75For The Win0:01.08Capture00000:00.00
0:36.23Some Ball 50:03.18Capture00000:00.00
2:02.03Some Ball 50:05.65Capture00000:00.00
0:08.48Ok l'm Bad0:16.53Takeover byFatal00000:00.00
1:26.98Ok l'm Bad0:11.85Drop00000:00.00
1:08.58Some Ball 10:09.38Takeover bySome Ball 500000:00.00
1:19.80For The Win0:06.43Takeover byBlahBlah00000:00.00
0:26.68Some Ball 20:06.42Takeover byFatal00000:00.00
0:50.77Some Ball 10:05.80Takeover bySome Ball 500000:00.00
1:46.30Ok l'm Bad0:05.80Takeover bykingslayer00000:00.00
1:52.10kingslayer0:05.65Takeover byFor The Win00000:00.00
1:40.67Some Ball 10:05.63Takeover byOk l'm Bad00000:00.00
1:03.78Ok l'm Bad0:04.80Takeover bySome Ball 100000:04.80
0:04.02kingslayer0:04.47Takeover byOk l'm Bad00000:00.00
0:47.17Ok l'm Bad0:03.60Takeover bySome Ball 100000:00.00
0:40.47BlahBlah0:03.42Takeover byFor The Win00000:00.00
0:33.10Fatal0:03.13Takeover bySome Ball 500000:00.00
0:56.57Some Ball 50:03.12Drop00000:00.00
1:01.57Fatal0:02.22Takeover byOk l'm Bad00000:00.00
0:43.88For The Win0:01.97Takeover bykingslayer00000:00.00
0:25.02Fatal0:01.67Takeover bySome Ball 200000:00.00
0:45.85kingslayer0:01.32Takeover byOk l'm Bad00000:00.00
1:18.62kingslayer0:01.18Takeover byFor The Win00000:00.00
2:01.07Fatal0:00.97Takeover bySome Ball 500000:00.00
1:26.23BlahBlah0:00.75Takeover byOk l'm Bad00000:00.00
0:03.30Ok l'm Bad0:00.72Takeover bykingslayer00000:00.00
1:17.97Some Ball 50:00.65Takeover bykingslayer00000:00.00
0:40.18Some Ball 20:00.28Takeover byBlahBlah00000:00.00
0:03.05Fatal0:00.25Takeover byOk l'm Bad00000:00.00


E­ventsSplat lo­ca­tionsE­ventsSplat lo­ca­tions
match start
Some Ball 1starts Some Ball 2starts
BlahBlahstarts For The Winstarts
Fatalstarts Some Ball 5starts
kingslayerstarts Ok l'm Badstarts
0:00.02Fatalstarts blockingFor The Winstarts blocking
Ok l'm Badstarts blocking
0:00.30Some Ball 1starts preventingSome Ball 2starts preventing
BlahBlahstarts preventingFor The Winstarts preventing
Fatalstarts preventingSome Ball 5starts preventing
kingslayerstarts preventingOk l'm Badstarts preventing
0:01.07Some Ball 1starts blocking
0:01.30BlahBlahstops preventingSome Ball 5stops preventing
0:02.30BlahBlahstarts preventing
0:03.28Fatalstops blocking
0:03.30Some Ball 1stops preventing(+0.85, +0.98)
For The Winstops preventing
Fatalstops preventingOk l'm Badreturns
Fataldrops Ok l'm Badtakeover grabs
kingslayerstops preventingOk l'm Badstops preventing
0:03.48kingslayerstarts blockingFor The Winstops blocking
0:03.53Some Ball 2starts blocking
0:04.02kingslayerreturnsOk l'm Badstops blocking(+4.40, +3.00)
kingslayertakeover grabs Ok l'm Baddrops
0:04.30Some Ball 2stops preventing
0:05.30Some Ball 2starts preventing
0:06.07Some Ball 1stops blocking
0:06.30For The Winstarts preventing
0:07.30BlahBlahstops preventing
0:08.30BlahBlahstarts preventing
0:08.48kingslayerstops blocking(+15.88, +1.73)
Ok l'm Badreturns
kingslayerdrops Ok l'm Badtakeover grabs
0:08.53Some Ball 2stops blocking
0:09.30Fatalstarts preventing
0:10.30Fatalstops preventing
0:11.27For The Winstarts blocking
0:11.30BlahBlahstops preventing
0:12.30For The Winstops preventing
0:13.30Some Ball 5starts preventing
0:13.85Some Ball 2starts blocking
0:14.30Some Ball 1starts preventing
0:15.30Fatalstarts preventingSome Ball 2stops preventing
kingslayerstarts preventing
0:16.30Some Ball 5stops preventing
0:18.30BlahBlahstarts preventing
0:18.85Some Ball 2stops blocking
0:19.10For The Winstops blocking
0:20.02Ok l'm Badstarts blocking
0:20.03BlahBlahstarts blocking
0:20.30kingslayerstops preventing
0:21.30kingslayerstarts preventing
0:21.68Fatalstarts blocking
0:21.72For The Winstarts blocking
0:22.30BlahBlahstops preventing
0:23.30Some Ball 1stops preventing
0:23.90Some Ball 5starts blocking
0:25.02FatalreturnsOk l'm Badstops blocking(−22.45, −10.93)
Fataltakeover grabs Ok l'm Baddrops
0:25.03BlahBlahstops blocking
0:25.30BlahBlahstarts preventing
Fatalstops preventing
0:26.68Fatalstops blocking(−27.53, −9.80)
Some Ball 2returns
Fataldrops Some Ball 2takeover grabs
0:27.30kingslayerstops preventing
0:28.10Some Ball 2starts blocking
0:28.20Some Ball 1starts blocking
0:28.90Some Ball 5stops blocking
0:29.30BlahBlahstops preventing
kingslayerstarts preventing
0:30.30Some Ball 1starts preventing
0:31.23Fatalstarts blocking
0:31.30Some Ball 1stops preventing
0:33.10FatalreturnsSome Ball 2stops blocking(−23.90, +0.58)
Fataltakeover grabs Some Ball 2drops
0:33.20Some Ball 1stops blocking
0:33.32Some Ball 1starts preventing
0:34.32kingslayerstops preventing
0:35.47Some Ball 2starts blocking
0:36.23Fatalstops blocking(−24.48, −1.88)
Some Ball 5returns
Fataldrops Some Ball 5takeover grabs
0:36.30kingslayerstarts preventing
0:36.78For The Winstops blocking
0:38.88BlahBlahstarts blocking
0:39.32Some Ball 2starts preventing
0:39.42Some Ball 5captures
0:40.18Some Ball 2grabs
0:40.32Some Ball 2stops preventing
0:40.47BlahBlahreturnsSome Ball 2stops blocking(−0.95, −0.18)
BlahBlahtakeover grabs Some Ball 2drops
0:40.85For The Winstarts blocking
0:42.17kingslayerstarts blocking
0:42.32Fatalstarts preventing
0:43.32kingslayerstops preventing
0:43.88BlahBlahstops blocking(+2.40, +4.28)
For The Winreturns
BlahBlahdrops For The Wintakeover grabs
0:44.48Some Ball 5starts blocking
0:45.32Some Ball 1stops preventing
0:45.77Ok l'm Badstarts blocking
0:45.80Fatalstarts blocking
0:45.85kingslayerreturnsFor The Winstops blocking(+1.78, +11.25)
kingslayertakeover grabs For The Windrops
0:47.17kingslayerstops blocking(+2.88, +13.83)
Ok l'm Badreturns
kingslayerdrops Ok l'm Badtakeover grabs
0:48.32Fatalstops preventingSome Ball 5starts preventing
0:49.33Some Ball 5starts buttoning
0:49.48Some Ball 5stops blocking
0:50.28BlahBlahstarts blocking
0:50.32BlahBlahstarts preventingSome Ball 2starts preventing
0:50.77Some Ball 1returnsOk l'm Badstops blocking(+5.30, +1.75)
Some Ball 1takeover grabs Ok l'm Baddrops
0:51.32Some Ball 2stops preventing
0:51.57Some Ball 1starts blocking
0:51.95For The Winstarts blocking
0:52.32For The Winstarts preventing
0:53.32BlahBlahstops preventingFor The Winstops preventing
kingslayerstarts preventing
0:54.33kingslayerstarts buttoningSome Ball 5stops buttoning
0:55.28BlahBlahstops blocking
0:55.32Some Ball 5stops preventing
0:55.80Fatalstops blocking
0:56.32kingslayerstops preventing
0:56.57Some Ball 1stops blocking(+11.65, +10.03)
Some Ball 5returns
Some Ball 1drops Some Ball 5takeover grabs
0:56.95For The Winstops blocking
0:57.20kingslayerstarts blocking
0:57.32Some Ball 2starts preventing
0:58.32For The Winstarts preventing
0:58.78Fatalstarts blocking
0:59.03For The Winstarts blocking
0:59.32Ok l'm Badstarts preventing
0:59.33kingslayerstops buttoning
0:59.68Some Ball 5drops (+13.98, −3.33)
1:00.32Ok l'm Badstops preventing
1:01.32For The Winstops preventing
1:01.67Ok l'm Badpowers up
1:02.20kingslayerstops blocking
1:02.32Some Ball 2stops preventing
1:02.43Some Ball 2powers up
1:03.58Ok l'm Badstarts blocking
1:03.78Fatalstops blocking(−0.83, +3.50)
Ok l'm Badreturns
Fataldrops Ok l'm Badtakeover grabs
1:04.15For The Winstops blocking
1:05.32Some Ball 2starts preventing
1:06.32Some Ball 5starts preventing
1:07.32Some Ball 1starts preventingSome Ball 5stops preventing
kingslayerstarts preventing
1:07.73Fatalstarts blocking
1:08.32Some Ball 2stops preventing
1:08.58Some Ball 1returnsOk l'm Badstops blocking(−16.43, −3.68)
Some Ball 1takeover grabs Ok l'm Baddrops
1:09.32Some Ball 1stops preventing
kingslayerstops preventing
1:10.32Fatalstarts preventing
1:11.32kingslayerstarts preventing
1:12.73Fatalstops blocking
1:12.97Some Ball 1starts blocking
1:13.12For The Winstarts blocking
1:13.62Some Ball 5starts blocking
1:14.32BlahBlahstarts preventing
kingslayerstops preventing
1:14.80kingslayerstarts blocking
1:15.75Ok l'm Badstarts blocking
1:17.32BlahBlahstops preventing
Fatalstops preventing
1:17.97Some Ball 1stops blocking(+6.88, +5.08)
Some Ball 5returns
Some Ball 1drops Some Ball 5takeover grabs
1:18.12For The Winstops blocking
1:18.62kingslayerreturnsSome Ball 5stops blocking(+9.68, +4.03)
kingslayertakeover grabs Some Ball 5drops
1:19.32For The Winstarts preventing
1:19.80kingslayerstops blocking(+9.18, +4.63)
For The Winreturns
kingslayerdrops For The Wintakeover grabs
1:20.32Some Ball 2starts preventing
For The Winstops preventing
Ok l'm Badstarts preventing
1:20.75Ok l'm Badstops blocking
1:21.23For The Winstarts blocking
1:21.27Some Ball 1starts blocking
1:21.32Ok l'm Badstops preventing
1:21.65Ok l'm Badpowers down
1:21.98BlahBlahstarts blocking
1:22.43Some Ball 2powers down
1:23.32Some Ball 2stops preventing
1:24.77Fatalpops(+10.08, −0.30)
1:25.32Some Ball 2starts preventing
Some Ball 5starts preventing
Ok l'm Badstarts preventing
1:26.23BlahBlahreturnsFor The Winstops blocking(+11.35, −0.03)
BlahBlahtakeover grabs For The Windrops
1:26.27Some Ball 1stops blocking
1:26.32kingslayerstarts preventing
1:26.90Some Ball 1pops(+10.05, −0.63)
1:26.98BlahBlahstops blocking(+13.33, −0.78)
Ok l'm Badreturns
BlahBlahdrops Ok l'm Badtakeover grabs
1:27.32Ok l'm Badstops preventing
1:29.32Some Ball 2stops preventing
Some Ball 5stops preventing
1:32.32For The Winstarts preventing
1:33.15For The Winstarts blocking
1:33.32BlahBlahstarts preventingFor The Winstops preventing
1:34.32BlahBlahstops preventing
1:35.83BlahBlahstarts blocking
1:37.32Some Ball 1starts preventing
1:38.15For The Winstops blocking
1:38.83Ok l'm Baddrops (−10.08, +1.00)
1:39.33Some Ball 1stops preventing
1:40.67Some Ball 1grabs
1:41.30Some Ball 1starts blocking
1:42.33kingslayerstops preventing
1:43.33For The Winstarts preventing
1:44.33Some Ball 5starts preventing
1:45.33Ok l'm Badstarts preventing
1:45.82BlahBlahstops blocking
1:46.30Some Ball 1stops blocking(+23.38, −0.68)
Ok l'm Badreturns
Some Ball 1drops Ok l'm Badtakeover grabs
1:46.33Some Ball 2starts preventing
Ok l'm Badstops preventing
1:47.10Ok l'm Badstarts blocking
1:49.33Some Ball 5stops preventing
1:50.33kingslayerstarts preventingFor The Winstops preventing
1:51.27Some Ball 1pops(−11.90, −0.68)
Some Ball 5tags
1:51.33kingslayerstops preventing
1:52.10kingslayerreturnsOk l'm Badstops blocking(−8.15, −11.13)
kingslayertakeover grabs Ok l'm Baddrops
1:52.75kingslayerstarts blocking
1:52.97BlahBlahpops(+11.85, +0.18)
1:54.33Fatalstarts preventing
1:55.33Some Ball 2stops preventing
1:57.03Fatalstarts blocking
1:57.33Some Ball 1starts preventing
1:57.75kingslayerstops blocking(−23.48, −1.30)
For The Winreturns
kingslayerdrops For The Wintakeover grabs
1:58.00For The Winstarts blocking
1:58.33Ok l'm Badstarts preventing
1:58.83For The Wincaptures
1:59.30Some Ball 2starts blocking
1:59.33BlahBlahstarts preventingOk l'm Badstops preventing
2:00.33Fatalstops preventing
2:01.33BlahBlahstops preventing
2:02.03Fatalstops blocking(+2.35, +4.33)
Some Ball 5returns
Fataldrops Some Ball 5takeover grabs
2:02.25Ok l'm Badpowers up
2:02.33Some Ball 1stops preventing
2:03.33For The Winstarts preventing
2:04.10Some Ball 1powers up
2:04.30Some Ball 2stops blocking
2:04.33For The Winstops preventing
2:05.53For The Winstops blocking
2:07.50BlahBlahpops(−10.28, −0.08)
Ok l'm Badtags
2:07.68Some Ball 5captures
match end
Some Ball 1stops Some Ball 2wins
BlahBlahstops For The Winwins
Fatalstops Some Ball 5wins
kingslayerstops Ok l'm Badwins