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Capture the Game



12:00 time limit
Bill The Bus
Some Ball 2
Some Ball 6
Peter North
Some Ball 4
SubstitutesnoneSome Ball
Sensei Osy
Soll Bame 1
Bill The Bus4:08
3:17Peter North
3:56Sensei Osy
4:49Sensei Osy
Typepublic match
Server Chord
port 8006
Raw data URLhttps://tagpro.eu/data/?match=724752


PlayerGrabsHoldCap­turesKiss­esDropsPopsPreventHaveChaseRe­turnsTagsCom­bosBut­tonBlockPow­er-upsPow­erPlayPlus-mi­nusWinScoreRank points
Peter North118°10:1810000:180:110:555700:000:1711130:200:110:204:49+277+30
Sensei Osy65°52:2721340:020:012:242200:000:1023050:400:230:004:32+262+28
Soll Bame 197°20:3600220:140:070:134400:000:1011020:200:010:002:33+242+15
Some Ball 220:0300240:010:012:044400:000:1021360:400:111:004:49−228
Some Ball 640:5300450:000:000:000101:050:2002130:000:160:204:49−221
Bill The Bus52°50:2710450:000:000:000100:050:2001010:000:200:004:49−220+12
Some Ball10:1000170:090:090:012200:100:0502020:000:180:004:33+217+26
Some Ball 410:2800110:000:000:000000:000:0001010:000:200:001:4000

Power-up luck

TeamPower-upsPearson’s chi-squared test
Spawn luckboth9.00−3.009.00+5.009.00−2.004.2220.1
Collection luckRed3.11−1.117.26−1.263.63+2.374.4920.1
Total luckRed4.67−2.674.67+1.334.67+1.337.9840.09



4:40.63Sensei Osy0:08.33Capture00000000:00.000:00.000:00.00
3:58.03Bill The Bus0:10.12Capture00000000:00.000:00.000:00.00
2:59.42Peter North0:17.70Capture00000000:00.000:00.000:00.00
3:37.47Sensei Osy0:18.32Capture00000000:04.570:12.700:00.00
1:35.17Lysozyme1:40.18Return bySensei Osy00000000:00.000:00.000:02.00
1:36.75Sensei Osy1:19.97Return bySome Ball 200011020:19.980:01.450:00.00
0:22.12Lysozyme0:43.93Kiss withSensei Osy12001010:00.000:08.600:11.28
0:33.32Sensei Osy0:32.73Kiss withLysozyme11000000:00.000:00.000:00.00
1:08.57Some Ball 40:27.93Drop00000000:00.000:17.200:00.00
3:18.10Some Ball 60:23.55Return byPeter North00001010:00.000:00.770:00.00
3:17.37Soll Bame 10:19.85Return bySome Ball 200001010:00.000:00.950:00.00
1:12.80Some Ball 60:18.10Return byPeter North00000000:00.000:00.000:14.35
4:21.32Soll Bame 10:15.80Return bySome Ball 200010010:11.480:00.000:00.00
4:22.22Bill The Bus0:11.68Return byPeter North00000000:00.000:00.000:00.00
3:57.83Some Ball0:09.70Return byLysozyme00000000:00.000:00.000:00.00
4:09.40Some Ball 60:09.70Return bySoll Bame 100000000:00.000:00.000:00.00
4:11.93Sensei Osy0:08.02Return bySome Ball 200000000:00.000:00.000:00.00
1:31.15Bill The Bus0:03.77Drop00000000:00.000:00.000:00.00
4:44.28Some Ball 20:02.78Drop00000000:00.000:00.000:00.00
4:41.93Lysozyme0:02.10Return bySoll Bame 100000000:00.000:00.000:00.00
4:40.15Some Ball 60:01.17Return bySoll Bame 100000000:00.000:00.000:00.00
3:42.47Bill The Bus0:00.85Return byPeter North00000000:00.000:00.000:00.00
0:19.52Bill The Bus0:00.57Return bySome Ball00000000:00.000:00.000:00.00
3:53.80Lysozyme0:00.42Return byPeter North00000000:00.000:00.000:00.00
4:19.35Lysozyme0:00.30Return bySome Ball00000000:00.000:00.000:00.00
3:56.92Some Ball 20:00.25Return bySoll Bame 100000000:00.000:00.000:00.00


E­ventsSplat lo­ca­tionsE­ventsSplat lo­ca­tions
match start
Some Ball 2starts Some Ball 4starts
Lysozymestarts Peter Northstarts
Some Ball 6starts
Bill The Busstarts
0:00.93Some Ball 6powers up
0:04.30Peter Northpowers up
0:05.62Some Ball 2powers up
0:06.92Lysozymepowers up
0:13.40Lysozymepowers up
0:15.07Some Ball 6starts blocking
0:15.08Bill The Busstarts blocking
0:15.68Peter Northstarts preventing
0:15.72Some Ball 6powers down Peter Northpowers down
0:16.25Some Balljoins
0:16.68Peter Northstops preventing
0:17.02Sensei Osyjoins
0:19.52Bill The Busgrabs
0:20.07Some Ball 6stops blocking
0:20.08Bill The Busstops blocking(+21.35, −11.58)
Some Ballreturns
Bill The Busdrops
0:20.68Peter Northstarts preventing
0:22.68Peter Northstops preventing
0:23.75LysozymetagsSome Ballpops(+25.35, −11.33)
Lysozymepowers down
0:25.60Some Ball 2powers down
0:29.72Some Ballpops(+20.63, +2.48)
0:31.38Lysozymepowers up
0:32.68Some Ball 2starts preventing
0:33.32Sensei Osygrabs
0:33.35Lysozymestarts blocking
0:33.40Lysozymepowers down
0:33.68Some Ball 2stops preventing
0:38.35Lysozymepowers down
Lysozymestops blocking
0:39.33Some Ballstarts blocking
0:44.33Some Ballstops blocking
1:05.15Bill The BustagsSome Ballpops(−1.35, −5.70)
1:05.77Some Ball 4powers up
1:06.05Lysozymereturns(−30.15, −10.15)
Sensei Osyreturns(−29.33, −9.78)
Lysozymedrops Sensei Osydrops
1:07.15Some Ball 6powers up
1:08.57Some Ball 4grabs
1:09.13Peter Northpowers up
1:09.35Bill The Busstarts blocking
1:10.27Some Ball 2powers up
1:11.70Some Ballstarts preventing
1:12.80Some Ball 6grabs
1:13.70Some Ballstops preventing
1:14.35Bill The Busstops blocking
1:17.17Lysozymepowers up
1:19.73Lysozymestarts buttoning
1:25.77Some Ball 4powers down
1:27.15Some Ball 6powers down
1:29.13Peter Northpowers down
1:29.73Lysozymestops buttoning
1:30.27Some Ball 2powers down
1:30.90Some Ball 6drops (−36.98, +11.88)
Peter Northreturns
1:31.15Bill The Busgrabs
1:31.23Some Ballpops(−19.38, −2.50)
1:34.73Peter Northstarts blocking
1:34.92Bill The Busdrops (+20.20, +2.20)
1:36.50Some Ball 4drops (−19.28, −2.63)
1:36.75Sensei Osygrabs
1:37.17Lysozymepowers down
1:39.73Peter Northstops blocking
1:39.83Some Ball 4disconnects
1:43.53Sensei Osypowers up
1:50.40Some Ball 6pops(+21.20, +0.80)
2:03.52Sensei Osypowers down
2:04.72Some Ballstarts buttoning
2:09.07Some Ball 2powers up
2:09.72Some Ballstops buttoning
2:10.78Sensei Osystarts blocking
2:14.02Some Ballpowers up
2:14.33Sensei Osypowers up
2:14.73Some Ball 6starts buttoning
2:15.78Sensei Osypowers down
Sensei Osystops blocking
2:16.02Soll Bame 1joins
2:20.50Some Ballpowers down
2:24.98Some Ball 6tagsSome Ballpops(+2.65, −5.10)
2:27.83Peter Northpowers up
2:28.20Some Ball 2powers up
2:29.07Some Ball 2powers down
2:39.73Some Ball 6stops buttoningSome Ballstarts buttoning
2:43.42Some Ball 2pops(−20.23, +8.35)
Peter Northtags
2:44.73Some Ballstops buttoning
2:47.82Peter Northpowers down
2:48.20Some Ball 2powers down
2:49.73Some Ball 6starts buttoning
2:56.72Some Ball 2returnsSensei Osydrops (−35.50, −12.35)
2:59.42Peter Northgrabs
3:02.15Some Ball 2pops(−19.20, −3.15)
3:02.83Sensei Osypops(+19.28, +2.63)
3:14.73Some Ball 6stops buttoning
3:15.35Lysozymedrops (−10.88, +9.60)
Sensei Osyreturns
3:16.27Bill The Buspowers up
3:17.12Peter Northcaptures
3:17.37Soll Bame 1grabs
3:18.10Some Ball 6grabs
3:19.00Some Ball 2powers up
3:22.03Sensei Osypowers up
3:30.17Sensei Osypowers up
3:30.40Soll Bame 1starts blocking
3:31.15Some Ball 6starts blocking
3:34.45Soll Bame 1powers up
3:34.73Bill The Busstarts buttoning
3:35.38Some Ball 6powers up
3:35.40Soll Bame 1powers down
Soll Bame 1stops blocking
3:36.15Some Ball 6powers down
Some Ball 6stops blocking
3:36.27Bill The Buspowers down
3:37.22Some Ball 2returnsSoll Bame 1drops (+23.38, +12.85)
3:37.47Sensei Osygrabs
3:39.00Some Ball 2powers down
3:39.73Bill The Busstops buttoning
3:41.65Some Ball 6drops (+16.15, −11.70)
Peter Northreturns
3:41.72Peter Northstarts preventing
3:42.03Sensei Osypowers down
3:42.47Bill The Busgrabs
3:42.72Peter Northstops preventing
3:43.32Bill The Busdrops (+21.75, −9.18)
Peter Northreturns
3:44.72Peter Northstarts preventing
Soll Bame 1starts preventing
3:47.48Soll Bame 1starts blocking
3:48.70Peter Northstarts blocking
3:48.83Some Ball 2starts blocking
3:49.22Lysozymestarts blocking
3:49.73Some Ball 6starts buttoning
3:50.17Sensei Osypowers down
3:51.93Bill The Busstarts blocking
3:52.48Soll Bame 1stops blocking
3:53.83Some Ball 2stops blocking
3:54.22Lysozymestops blocking(+20.45, −10.43)
Peter Northreturns
3:54.73Some Ball 6stops buttoning
3:55.72Sensei Osystarts preventing
3:55.73Peter Northstops blocking
3:55.78Sensei Osycaptures
3:56.92Some Ball 2grabs
3:56.93Bill The Busstops blocking
3:57.17Some Ball 2drops (+19.93, −10.48)
Soll Bame 1returns
3:57.72Sensei Osystops preventing
3:57.83Some Ballgrabs
3:58.03Bill The Busgrabs
3:58.72Peter Northstops preventing
Soll Bame 1stops preventing
4:07.53LysozymereturnsSome Balldrops (−1.35, −10.00)
4:08.15Bill The Buscaptures
4:09.40Some Ball 6grabs
4:11.93Sensei Osygrabs
4:14.10Some Ball 6starts blocking
4:14.95Sensei Osystarts blocking
4:19.10Some Ball 6stops blocking(−19.45, +10.20)
Soll Bame 1returns
Some Ball 6drops
4:19.65Lysozymedrops (+19.95, −11.73)
Some Ballreturns
4:19.73Some Ball 6starts buttoning
4:19.95Some Ball 2returnsSensei Osystops blocking(−31.90, −9.60)
Sensei Osydrops
4:21.32Soll Bame 1grabs
4:21.42Some Ballpowers up
4:22.22Bill The Busgrabs
4:25.63Soll Bame 1powers up
4:25.82Some Ball 2powers up
4:26.07Some Ballpops(+20.60, +2.45)
4:28.90Bill The Busstarts blocking
4:29.73Some Ball 6stops buttoning
4:32.83Some Ballpowers down
4:33.90Bill The Busstops blocking(−19.00, +10.33)
Peter Northreturns
Bill The Busdrops
4:34.73Some Ballstarts preventing
4:35.50Some Ball 2starts blocking
4:35.77Lysozymestarts blocking
4:36.32Some Ball 6starts blocking
4:36.48Peter Northstarts blocking
4:37.12Some Ball 2returnsSoll Bame 1drops (+31.18, −3.50)
Some Ball 2powers down
4:38.05Sensei Osypowers up
4:39.45Sensei Osypowers down
4:40.15Some Ball 6grabs
4:40.50Some Ball 2stops blocking
4:40.63Sensei Osygrabs
4:40.73Some Ballstops preventing
4:40.77Lysozymestops blocking
4:41.32Some Ball 6stops blocking(+19.48, −13.33)
Soll Bame 1returns
Some Ball 6drops
4:41.48Peter Northstops blocking
4:41.73Some Ballstarts preventing
4:42.73Some Ballstops preventing
4:44.03Lysozymedrops (+27.25, −13.00)
Soll Bame 1returns
4:44.28Some Ball 2grabs
4:45.45Bill The Buspops(+0.50, +6.23)
Peter Northtags
4:45.63Soll Bame 1powers down
4:47.07Some Ball 2drops (+19.30, +2.58)
4:48.97Sensei Osycaptures
match end
Some Ball 2stops Peter Northwins
Lysozymestops Some Ballwins
Some Ball 6stops Sensei Osywins
Bill The Busstops Soll Bame 1wins