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[TAGPRO MASTERS] Sign-Ups Now Open!
0no matches
Reminder to install the analytics script
4no matches
[TAGPRO MASTERS] Sign-Ups Now Open! (More updates)
0no matches
Tying cap that led to a great 6:53 of OT
[TAGPRO MASTERS] Sign-Ups Now Open! (Important updates)
2no matches
New Asido?
17no matches
Weirdly fast capture to end a game?
[REACT] Masters Tourney #12
More than 8 players in game
[TAGPRO MASTERS] Sign-Ups Now Open!
0no matches
Asian servers please
10no matches
[TAGPRO MASTERS] Sign-Ups Now Open! (And updates)
0no matches
Tagpro.eu has recorded its 2500000th match!
You can now save map preview PNGs from TagPro Analytics
5no matches
[TAGPRO MASTERS] Sign-Ups Now Open!
3no matches
[TAGPRO MASTERS] Sign-Ups Now Open!
11no matches
[TAGPRO MASTERS] Sign-Ups Now Open!
[TAGPRO MASTERS] Sign-Ups Now Open & Major Updates!
15no matches
[TAGPRO MASTERS] Sign-Ups Now Open & More Updates
29no matches
How was blue team able to win these caravan matches?
tagpro.eu is down
6no matches
On Blue vs. Red win rates
20no matches
Updated version of Nabby's "Show WinRate on balls" script
16no matches
Can we get another Map Mashup, like the classic "Megahack" event?
9no matches
(# of quit games / total # games) = R. SWJ = when filling games, load lowest R players first.
The king has been dethroned
17no matches
six year club
28no matches
Well Known Good Players Playing Regular Tagpro Matches?
64no matches
Will we see the event statistics?
Two balls lived, but one got the sole survivor!
New York server lag kills everybody in 6 seconds
Lucky, you and the devs have done a great job on this event
Welcome... to Jimmy's Manor!
11no matches
Noticing quite a bit of hostility and unwelcoming behaviour whilst playing as a Some Ball
I 😀 love 😀 the 😀 new 😀 overtime 😀 rule
What maps would you personally take out of rotation and why?
He's Coming
15no matches
MagicPigeon - Feel Like Dancing
8no matches
Weekly Leaderboard Log/Statistics for September 22, 2019
Request to get my old name back
26no matches
Game went 10 minutes into overtime. Has anyone had a longer game?
Is "Hold" supposed to not count in Overtime?
Praise RNGesus! TagPro Analytics now shows Power-up Luck
Bug: Joiner sends you to spec when the game is 4v2
New tourney: Token Tournament! Sign-ups opened now.
What are you doing while tagpro is down
37no matches
Scheduled maintenance - Thursday morning
73no matches
I got the first 6 caps in a pub (2 for blue then 4 for red)
Tips on getting axe when there is a 50% chance u get dallas and lag ur dick off?
22no matches
Official Egg Ball Tournament 10:30pm ET on the Competitive TagPro Discord
7no matches
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