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Capture the Game


MapBox Turtle

Fronj and Nigel
6:00 time limit
Sir Cle Jerk
tha king
o lo lo olo
J.S Trill
SubstitutesSome Ball 9
cargo >
Some Ball 8
Some Ball 92:17
Typepublic match
Server Toronto
port 9004
Raw data URLhttps://tagpro.eu/data/?match=2524547


Play­erGrabsHoldCap­turesDropsPopsPreventHaveChaseTake­o­versRe­turnsTagsCom­bosBut­tonBlockPow­er-upsPow­erPlayPlus-mi­nusWinScoreRank points
Some Ball 940:251330:060:030:2022200:000:2000000:000:000:001:13+339
o lo lo olo10:030110:330:170:0111200:000:2200110:000:000:132:17−334
J.S Trill87°00:000010:570:390:0000000:200:2501010:000:000:002:17−331+9
Some Ball 820:060220:270:160:1022400:100:2000000:000:000:002:01−327
Sir Cle Jerk208°10:040130:280:180:0111100:000:1510010:200:000:002:17+322+10
tha king245°00:000000:320:200:0000100:050:1000000:000:000:002:17+313+10
cargo >13°10:090120:130:120:4211100:000:0500000:000:000:000:4700+0

Power-up luck

Spawn luckboth1.33−0.331.33+0.671.33−0.330.4720.8
Collection luckRed0.25+0.750.50−0.500.25−0.254.5020.1
Total luckRed0.33+0.670.33−0.330.33−0.334.9740.3



2:10.02Some Ball 90:07.18Capture00000000:00.000:00.000:00.00
0:03.17Geyser0:42.33Takeover bycargo >00000000:00.000:00.000:00.00
0:54.08Geyser0:17.60Takeover bySome Ball 900001010:00.000:08.470:00.00
0:45.50cargo >0:08.58Takeover byGeyser00000000:00.000:00.000:00.00
1:45.20Some Ball 90:08.00Takeover bySome Ball 800000000:00.000:00.000:00.00
1:26.23Some Ball 90:07.78Takeover byGeyser00000000:00.000:00.000:00.00
1:53.20Some Ball 80:04.88Takeover by1ceJJFish00000000:00.000:00.000:00.00
1:18.73Geyser0:04.00Takeover by1ceJJFish00000000:00.000:00.000:00.00
1:14.78Sir Cle Jerk0:03.95Takeover byGeyser00000000:03.950:00.000:00.00
1:23.42o lo lo olo0:02.82Takeover bySome Ball 900000000:00.000:00.000:00.00
1:11.68Some Ball 90:01.77Takeover bySome Ball 800000000:00.000:00.000:00.00
1:13.45Some Ball 80:01.33Takeover bySir Cle Jerk00000000:00.000:00.000:00.00
1:34.02Geyser0:01.13Takeover by1ceJJFish00000000:00.000:00.000:00.00
1:22.731ceJJFish0:00.68Takeover byo lo lo olo00000000:00.000:00.000:00.00


E­ventsSplat lo­ca­tionsE­ventsSplat lo­ca­tions
match start
tha kingstarts Geyserstarts
1ceJJFishstarts o lo lo olostarts
Sir Cle Jerkstarts J.S Trillstarts
0:00.02Geyserstarts blocking
0:00.13tha kingstarts preventingGeyserstarts preventing
1ceJJFishstarts preventingo lo lo olostarts preventing
Sir Cle Jerkstarts preventingJ.S Trillstarts preventing
0:03.12tha kingstops preventingGeyserstops preventing
Sir Cle Jerkstops preventing
0:03.28Geyserstops blocking
0:04.121ceJJFishstops preventingJ.S Trillstops preventing
Sir Cle Jerkstarts preventing
0:06.12tha kingstarts preventing
0:06.58o lo lo olostarts blocking
0:06.78J.S Trillstarts blocking
0:07.12tha kingstops preventing
0:07.131ceJJFishstarts preventing
0:08.12tha kingstarts preventing
0:08.13Sir Cle Jerkstops preventingo lo lo olostops preventing
0:10.12tha kingstops preventing
0:11.58o lo lo olostops blocking
0:11.78J.S Trillstops blocking
0:11.83J.S Trillstarts blocking
0:12.131ceJJFishstops preventing
0:14.171ceJJFishstarts buttoning
0:15.12J.S Trillstarts preventing
0:15.80o lo lo olostarts blocking
0:16.00cargo >joins
0:16.02Some Ball 8joins
0:19.171ceJJFishstops buttoning
0:20.13o lo lo olostarts preventing
0:21.78J.S Trillstops blocking
0:22.13cargo >starts preventingSome Ball 8starts preventing
0:22.78o lo lo olostops blocking
0:23.13J.S Trillstops preventing
Some Ball 8stops preventing
0:24.13o lo lo olostops preventing
0:24.17J.S Trillstarts buttoning
0:26.13cargo >stops preventing
0:27.13J.S Trillstarts preventing
Some Ball 8starts preventing
0:32.13cargo >starts preventingSome Ball 8stops preventing
0:34.17Some Ball 8starts buttoning
0:35.03cargo >pops(−11.80, +0.40)
Some Ball 8tags
0:35.13cargo >stops preventing
0:37.13tha kingstarts preventing
1ceJJFishstarts preventing
0:38.131ceJJFishstops preventing
0:39.17J.S Trillstops buttoning
0:40.50Geyserstarts blocking
0:41.13tha kingstops preventing
cargo >starts preventing
0:42.13o lo lo olostarts preventing
0:44.17J.S Trillstarts buttoning
Some Ball 8stops buttoning
0:45.131ceJJFishstarts preventingo lo lo olostops preventing
Sir Cle Jerkstarts preventing
0:45.50cargo >returnsGeyserstops blocking(−18.45, −5.83)
cargo >takeover grabs Geyserdrops
0:45.831ceJJFishpops(−10.20, −0.18)
Some Ball 8tags
0:46.131ceJJFishstops preventing
cargo >stops preventing
0:49.08cargo >starts blocking
0:49.17J.S Trillstops buttoning
0:52.131ceJJFishstarts preventing
Sir Cle Jerkstops preventing
0:54.08cargo >stops blocking(−2.28, +11.33)
cargo >drops Geysertakeover grabs
0:54.13Sir Cle Jerkstarts preventingo lo lo olostarts preventing
0:54.45Some Ball 8starts blocking
0:55.131ceJJFishstops preventing
0:56.131ceJJFishstarts preventing
0:57.13Sir Cle Jerkstops preventing
0:58.13J.S Trillstops preventing
0:59.13o lo lo olostops preventing
0:59.45Some Ball 8stops blocking
1:00.13cargo >starts preventing
1:00.23Sir Cle Jerkpowers up
1:00.63Geyserpowers up
1:01.13cargo >stops preventing
1:02.131ceJJFishstops preventing
1:03.40cargo >disconnects
1:03.57Some Ball 8starts blocking
1:04.10Geyserstarts blocking
1:04.13tha kingstarts preventing
1:04.23Some Ball 9joins
1:05.13tha kingstops preventing
Sir Cle Jerkstarts preventing
1:06.13Sir Cle Jerkstops preventing
1:08.45Some Ball 9starts blocking
1:08.57Some Ball 8stops blocking
1:08.82J.S Trillstarts blocking
1:09.10Geyserpowers down
1:09.78Some Ball 8starts blocking
1:10.13tha kingstarts preventing
1:11.13Sir Cle Jerkstarts preventing
Some Ball 9starts preventing
1:11.68Some Ball 9returnsGeyserstops blocking(−20.73, −6.23)
Some Ball 9takeover grabs Geyserdrops
1:12.131ceJJFishstarts preventing
Some Ball 9stops preventing
1:13.131ceJJFishstops preventing
1:13.45Some Ball 9stops blocking(−21.98, −9.13)
Some Ball 8returns
Some Ball 9drops Some Ball 8takeover grabs
1:13.631ceJJFishstarts blocking
1:13.73Sir Cle Jerkstarts blocking
1:13.82J.S Trillstops blocking
1:13.87J.S Trillstarts blocking
1:14.13Sir Cle Jerkstops preventing
1:14.78Sir Cle JerkreturnsSome Ball 8stops blocking(−21.70, −9.03)
Sir Cle Jerktakeover grabs Some Ball 8drops
1:17.73Geyserstarts blocking
1:18.131ceJJFishstarts preventing
1:18.631ceJJFishstops blocking
1:18.73Sir Cle Jerkstops blocking(−3.05, −0.45)
Sir Cle Jerkdrops Geysertakeover grabs
1:18.87J.S Trillstops blocking
1:19.131ceJJFishstops preventing
1:20.13Some Ball 9starts preventing
1:20.23Sir Cle Jerkpowers down
1:21.13Some Ball 8starts preventing
1:21.23o lo lo olostarts blocking
1:22.731ceJJFishreturnsGeyserstops blocking(0.00, +5.00)
1ceJJFishtakeover grabs Geyserdrops
1:23.13tha kingstops preventing
Some Ball 9stops preventing
1:23.421ceJJFishdrops (−1.25, −0.45)
o lo lo oloreturns
o lo lo olotakeover grabs
1:25.13Sir Cle Jerkstarts preventing
Some Ball 9starts preventing
1:26.13Some Ball 9stops preventing
1:26.23Some Ball 9returnso lo lo olostops blocking(−12.13, −10.68)
Some Ball 9takeover grabs o lo lo olodrops
1:26.90Sir Cle Jerkstarts blocking
1:27.13tha kingstarts preventing
1:28.13Some Ball 8stops preventing
1:29.02Some Ball 9starts blocking
1:30.131ceJJFishstarts preventing
1:30.15Geyserstarts blocking
1:31.13Sir Cle Jerkstops preventing
1:31.90Sir Cle Jerkstops blocking
1:33.13tha kingstops preventingo lo lo olostarts preventing
Some Ball 8starts preventing
1:33.25tha kingstarts blocking
1:34.02Some Ball 9stops blocking(+4.53, −0.35)
Some Ball 9drops Geysertakeover grabs
1:34.131ceJJFishstops preventingJ.S Trillstarts preventing
1:35.151ceJJFishreturnsGeyserstops blocking(+4.45, +2.18)
1ceJJFishtakeover grabs Geyserdrops
1:36.13Some Ball 8stops preventing
1:37.13o lo lo olostops preventing
J.S Trillstops preventing
1:38.13Some Ball 8starts preventing
1:38.25tha kingstops blocking
1:40.13Some Ball 9starts preventingJ.S Trillstarts preventing
1:40.35Some Ball 9starts blocking
1:41.13Some Ball 9stops preventingGeyserstarts preventing
o lo lo olostarts preventing
1:41.87tha kingstarts blocking
1:45.15o lo lo olostops preventing
J.S Trillstops preventing
1:45.20Some Ball 9grabs
1:45.35Some Ball 9stops blocking
1:46.151ceJJFishstarts preventingGeyserstops preventing
Some Ball 8stops preventing
1:46.87tha kingstops blocking
1:47.15tha kingstarts preventing
1:48.15tha kingstops preventing
1:48.20Some Ball 9starts blocking
1:48.45o lo lo olostarts blocking
1:50.15Geyserstarts preventing
1:51.15Geyserstops preventing
1:53.08Some Ball 8starts blocking
1:53.151ceJJFishstops preventingGeyserstarts preventing
1:53.20Some Ball 9stops blocking(+3.28, +3.48)
Some Ball 8returns
Some Ball 9drops Some Ball 8takeover grabs
1:53.45o lo lo olostops blocking
1:55.15o lo lo olostarts preventing
1:56.15Geyserstops preventing
o lo lo olostops preventing
1:58.081ceJJFishreturnsSome Ball 8stops blocking(−8.00, −3.15)
1ceJJFishtakeover grabs Some Ball 8drops
1:59.15tha kingstarts preventing
Sir Cle Jerkstarts preventing
1:59.18tha kingstarts buttoning
2:00.15tha kingstops preventing
Sir Cle Jerkstops preventing
2:01.57J.S Trillpowers up
2:02.03J.S Trillpowers down
2:02.15J.S Trillstarts preventing
2:04.12o lo lo olopowers up
2:04.15tha kingtagsJ.S Trillstops preventing(+10.10, −0.35)
J.S Trillpops
2:04.18tha kingstops buttoning
2:05.15Geyserstarts preventing
2:06.40Sir Cle Jerkpops(+10.05, +0.35)
2:07.15o lo lo olostarts preventing
Sir Cle Jerkstarts blocking
2:09.15Some Ball 8starts preventing
2:10.02Some Ball 9grabs
2:10.15J.S Trillstarts preventing
2:11.15o lo lo olostops preventing
2:12.15Some Ball 8stops preventing
2:13.15Geyserstops preventing
J.S Trillstops preventing
2:13.17Sir Cle Jerkstops blocking(−6.88, +1.13)
o lo lo olotags
Sir Cle Jerkpops
2:15.15Geyserstarts preventing
2:16.151ceJJFishstarts preventingJ.S Trillstarts preventing
2:17.151ceJJFishstops preventingGeyserstops preventing
J.S Trillstops preventing
2:17.20Some Ball 9captures
match end
tha kingwins Geyserstops
1ceJJFishwins o lo lo olostops
Sir Cle Jerkwins J.S Trillstops
Some Ball 9wins Some Ball 8stops