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Frequent userscript/website questions

Need help with or want to know more about the userscript and/or the website? Please check out the frequently asked questions first.

Raw data access

You like analysing big data, especially when it concerns a large open dataset about your favourite computer game? Look no further, go here for the website API and analysis tool frameworks to get you started.


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TagPro Analytics
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Privacy policy

This website uses Google advertisements that collect and use data about you, including by means of cookies, to serve ads based on your prior visits to this website or other websites. You may opt-out of personal advertising here or block the cookies in your browser settings.

The userscript uses a cookie and your IP address to track your TagPro matches for fraud mitigation, e.g. to repair or remove matches from the database or to block future match uploads. This data is stored in a non-public part of the database.

Player names in the database can be anonymised upon request if such a request is supported by convincing arguments. Your privacy arguments should outweigh the interests of other players to be able to publish, search and share match recordings. Generally, you should at least no longer play the game under the considered name and not have uploaded the matches yourself.

Contact info

The userscript and website are provided by Ronding.

Real nameDr.ir. Jeroen van der Gun
E-mail addressronding@tagpro.eu
Reddit account/u/Ronding (e-mail preferred)
Peronal websitejeroenvandergun.nl

TagPro/Koalabeast is not involved in the operation or maintenance of the userscript/website, though it is a recognised community contribution.