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Capture the Game


MapKardashev 2

Aniball, DragonBeast, & MC Ride
StartersSome Ball 9
Some Ball 7
sbs suck ass
Some Ball 2
Ball of Fame
Trans Rights
Typepublic match
New York - Test

port 9001
Raw data URLhttps://tagpro.eu/data/?match=3558571


Play­erGrabsHoldCap­turesKiss­esDropsPopsPreventHaveChaseRe­turnsTagsCom­bosBut­tonBlockPow­er-upsPow­erPlayPlus-mi­nusWinScoreRank points
Ball of Fame70:5502670:360:202:15151500:050:4501010:000:150:006:00+242
Some Ball 970:3802770:040:031:34101500:100:5302130:000:280:206:00−238
Trans Rights117°101:240310120:030:010:39111200:350:5301120:000:200:206:00+235+33
Some Ball 7131:350312130:190:140:397800:001:1301120:000:060:206:00−234
sbs suck ass117°121:320212130:000:001:116900:101:1910010:200:000:006:00−224+19
Some Ball 270:2700780:420:360:114400:051:0300000:000:000:006:00−219

Power-up luck

Spawn luckboth3.33−2.333.33+1.673.33+0.673.1120.21
Collection luckRed0.60+0.403.002.40−0.401.1820.6
Total luckRed2.00−1.002.00+



0:24.93Some Ball 70:45.03Kiss withBall of Fame11000000:00.000:00.000:00.00
1:43.73sbs suck ass0:41.13Return byBall of Fame01010010:20.000:00.000:00.00
3:50.48Trans Rights0:26.32Return bysbs suck ass00000000:00.000:00.000:00.00
2:40.37140:21.45Return bySome Ball 900000000:00.000:00.000:00.00
4:31.32140:21.17Kiss withsbs suck ass11000000:00.000:00.000:00.00
5:41.12Ball of Fame0:18.93Kept flag00000000:00.000:00.000:00.00
1:15.05Trans Rights0:16.23Return bySome Ball 901000000:00.000:05.970:00.00
1:10.22sbs suck ass0:15.90Return by1400000000:00.000:00.000:00.00
5:05.88Kildar0:13.67Kiss withSome Ball 711000000:00.000:00.000:00.00
0:44.83140:13.22Return bySome Ball 900000000:00.000:00.000:00.00
4:03.73Some Ball 20:11.88Return by1400000000:00.000:00.000:00.00
0:22.00Trans Rights0:11.85Return bySome Ball 900000000:00.000:00.000:00.00
0:58.30Ball of Fame0:11.67Kiss withSome Ball 711000000:00.000:00.000:00.00
2:29.07Ball of Fame0:11.05Return bySome Ball 900000000:00.000:00.000:00.00
3:07.15Trans Rights0:10.80Return bySome Ball 900000000:00.000:00.000:10.80
3:10.67Some Ball 90:09.38Kiss withBall of Fame22000000:00.000:07.280:00.00
4:41.13Some Ball 70:08.58Return byBall of Fame00000000:00.000:00.000:00.00
0:36.27Kildar0:08.32Return bysbs suck ass00000000:00.000:00.000:00.00
2:51.32Some Ball 70:08.02Return byBall of Fame00000000:00.000:00.000:00.00
3:20.30Some Ball 70:07.83Return byTrans Rights00000000:00.000:00.000:00.00
4:23.27sbs suck ass0:07.82Kiss withTrans Rights11000000:00.000:00.000:00.00
1:43.98Ball of Fame0:07.80Return bySome Ball 200000000:00.000:00.000:00.00
4:58.08Trans Rights0:07.55Kiss withSome Ball 711000000:00.000:00.000:00.00
2:25.12Some Ball 90:07.52Return by1400000000:00.000:00.000:00.00
3:56.10Some Ball 90:07.38Return byKildar00000000:00.000:00.000:00.00
3:48.63sbs suck ass0:07.22Return by1400000000:00.000:00.000:00.00
4:24.60Trans Rights0:06.48Kiss withsbs suck ass11000000:00.000:00.000:00.00
1:37.03Some Ball 90:06.45Kiss withTrans Rights11000000:00.000:00.000:00.00
4:16.63Some Ball 70:06.38Return by1400000000:00.000:00.000:05.43
5:53.95Some Ball 70:06.10Kept flag00000000:00.000:00.000:00.00
2:36.65Some Ball 70:06.00Return byKildar00000000:00.000:00.000:00.00
3:03.58sbs suck ass0:05.90Return byBall of Fame00000000:00.000:00.000:00.00
4:31.25Some Ball 20:05.80Return byBall of Fame00000000:00.000:00.000:00.00
4:17.07Kildar0:05.70Return bySome Ball 900000000:00.000:00.000:00.00
5:07.40sbs suck ass0:05.45Return byTrans Rights00000000:00.000:00.000:00.00
1:31.53Kildar0:04.80Return bysbs suck ass00000000:00.000:00.000:00.00
1:26.53Some Ball 20:04.73Return byBall of Fame00000000:00.000:00.000:00.00
0:07.02Trans Rights0:04.28Return bysbs suck ass00000000:00.000:00.000:00.00
0:16.57Ball of Fame0:03.58Return bySome Ball 700000000:00.000:00.000:00.00
4:37.30Some Ball 90:03.58Return byTrans Rights00000000:00.000:00.000:00.00
5:14.88Some Ball 90:03.12Return byTrans Rights00000000:00.000:00.000:00.00
1:34.08Some Ball 70:02.62Return byTrans Rights00000000:00.000:00.000:00.00
4:49.97sbs suck ass0:02.52Kiss with1412000000:00.000:00.000:00.00
5:32.80sbs suck ass0:02.23Return byKildar00000000:00.000:00.000:00.00
2:18.27140:02.18Return bySome Ball 200000000:00.000:00.000:00.00
2:42.90sbs suck ass0:02.17Return byBall of Fame00000000:00.000:00.000:00.00
5:51.58Some Ball 20:02.12Return by1400000000:00.000:00.000:00.00
2:24.87Kildar0:02.10Return bySome Ball 700000000:00.000:00.000:00.00
5:35.05Some Ball 70:01.95Return byBall of Fame00000000:00.000:00.000:00.00
3:18.20Ball of Fame0:01.85Kiss withSome Ball 911000000:00.000:00.000:00.00
2:49.25Some Ball 20:01.83Return byKildar00000000:00.000:00.000:00.00
1:55.35140:01.55Return bySome Ball 900000000:00.000:00.000:00.00
5:04.35Some Ball 70:01.28Kiss withTrans Rights11000000:00.000:00.000:00.00
1:57.28Kildar0:00.98Return bySome Ball 200000000:00.000:00.000:00.00
3:02.57Some Ball 20:00.88Return byBall of Fame00000000:00.000:00.000:00.00
0:14.00sbs suck ass0:00.85Return byTrans Rights00000000:00.000:00.000:00.00
3:37.60Some Ball 70:00.67Return byBall of Fame00000000:00.000:00.000:00.00
5:19.03Some Ball 70:00.52Kiss withKildar11000000:00.000:00.000:00.00
5:20.87sbs suck ass0:00.42Return byBall of Fame00000000:00.000:00.000:00.00
4:55.87Some Ball 90:00.35Return byBall of Fame00000000:00.000:00.000:00.00
1:43.20Trans Rights0:00.28Kiss withSome Ball 911000000:00.000:00.000:00.00
2:16.28Ball of Fame0:00.27Return bySome Ball 700000000:00.000:00.000:00.00
2:21.90Trans Rights0:00.25Return bySome Ball 700000000:00.000:00.000:00.00
5:26.22Trans Rights0:00.25Return bySome Ball 200000000:00.000:00.000:00.00
0:08.03Some Ball 70:00.23Return byBall of Fame00000000:00.000:00.000:00.00
3:36.22sbs suck ass0:00.23Return byTrans Rights00000000:00.000:00.000:00.00
3:38.30Some Ball 20:00.23Return byTrans Rights00000000:00.000:00.000:00.00


E­ventsSplat lo­ca­tionsE­ventsSplat lo­ca­tions
match start
Some Ball 2starts 14starts
sbs suck assstarts Trans Rightsstarts
Some Ball 7starts Kildarstarts
Some Ball 9starts Ball of Famestarts
0:00.0214starts buttoning
0:03.6314starts preventing
Kildarstarts preventing
Ball of Famestarts preventing
0:04.63Some Ball 2starts preventing
0:06.30Trans Rightsstarts blocking
0:07.02Trans Rightsgrabs
0:07.63Some Ball 2stops preventing
0:08.03Some Ball 7grabs
0:08.27Some Ball 7drops (+11.78, +3.68)
Ball of Famereturns
0:09.7214stops buttoning
0:09.85sbs suck assstarts blocking
0:11.30sbs suck assreturnsTrans Rightsstops blocking(+6.18, −3.98)
Trans Rightsdrops
0:11.63Ball of Famestops preventing
0:12.6314stops preventing
Kildarstops preventing
0:13.6314starts preventing
Kildarstarts preventing
0:14.00sbs suck assgrabs
0:14.6314stops preventing
Kildarstops preventing
0:14.85sbs suck assstops blocking(+8.83, +5.25)
Trans Rightsreturns
sbs suck assdrops
0:15.15Ball of Famestarts blocking
0:15.63Some Ball 7starts preventing14starts preventing
Kildarstarts preventing
0:16.57Ball of Famegrabs
0:16.63Some Ball 7stops preventing
0:19.7014starts buttoning
0:20.15Some Ball 7returnsBall of Famestops blocking(+3.78, −5.55)
Ball of Famedrops
0:20.43Some Ball 2starts blocking
0:21.37sbs suck asspops(+3.75, +2.05)
0:22.00Trans Rightsgrabs
0:22.95sbs suck assstarts blockingKildarstarts blocking
0:24.7014stops buttoning
0:24.93Some Ball 7grabs
0:25.43Some Ball 2stops blocking
0:25.6314stops preventing
Kildarstops preventing
0:27.02Some Ball 9tags14pops(+3.48, +4.30)
0:27.95sbs suck assstops blockingKildarstops blocking
0:28.85Trans Rightsstarts blocking
0:33.85Some Ball 9returnsTrans Rightsstops blocking(+15.93, +2.00)
Trans Rightsdrops
0:34.70sbs suck assstarts buttoning
0:39.58Kildarstarts blocking
0:39.70sbs suck assstops buttoning
0:42.60Some Ball 9starts blocking
0:44.58sbs suck assreturnsKildarstops blocking(+15.50, −6.30)
0:44.70Some Ball 9starts buttoning
0:47.60Some Ball 9stops blocking
0:49.08Some Ball 9tagsTrans Rightspops(+4.45, +3.65)
0:49.28Trans Rightsstarts blocking
0:49.70Some Ball 9stops buttoning
0:54.28Trans Rightsstops blocking
0:58.05Some Ball 9returns14drops (+4.15, +2.05)
0:58.30Ball of Famegrabs
1:00.90Some Ball 9powers up
1:01.03Trans Rightspowers up
1:09.82Some Ball 9tagsKildarpops(−15.35, −1.68)
1:09.97Some Ball 7returns(−18.15, +4.65)
Ball of Famereturns(−17.25, +4.80)
Some Ball 7drops Ball of Famedrops
1:10.22sbs suck assgrabs
1:11.15Some Ball 7starts blocking14starts blocking
1:11.63Some Ball 2starts preventing
Some Ball 9starts preventing
1:14.63Some Ball 2stops preventing
1:15.05Trans Rightsgrabs
1:15.40Kildarstarts blocking
1:15.63Some Ball 9stops preventing
1:16.15Some Ball 7stops blocking14stops blocking
1:17.38Some Ball 7tagsKildarpops(−1.68, −3.20)
1:20.02Some Ball 7pops(+3.60, +2.23)
Trans Rightstags
1:20.40Kildarstops blocking
1:20.90Some Ball 9powers down
1:21.02Trans Rightspowers down
1:21.12sbs suck assstarts blocking
1:26.12sbs suck assstops blocking(−3.60, −1.53)
sbs suck assdrops
1:26.27Some Ball 2starts blocking
1:26.28Trans Rightsstarts blocking
1:26.53Some Ball 2grabs
1:29.27sbs suck assstarts blocking
1:29.7214starts buttoning
1:31.27Some Ball 2stops blocking(+5.15, −5.08)
Ball of Famereturns
Some Ball 2drops
1:31.28Some Ball 9returnsTrans Rightsstops blocking(+18.15, −0.63)
Trans Rightsdrops
1:31.33Kildarstarts blocking
1:31.6514starts preventing
1:31.70Some Ball 7starts blocking
1:34.08Some Ball 7grabs
1:34.6514stops preventing
1:34.7214stops buttoning
1:36.33sbs suck assreturnsKildarstops blocking(+6.20, +4.13)
1:36.65Ball of Famestarts preventing
1:36.70Some Ball 7stops blocking(+10.68, +8.43)
Trans Rightsreturns
Some Ball 7drops
1:36.80Some Ball 7starts blocking
1:36.97Some Ball 2starts blocking
1:37.03Some Ball 9grabs
1:37.65Ball of Famestops preventing
1:38.15sbs suck assstops blocking
1:39.2514starts blocking
1:41.65Some Ball 2starts preventing
1:41.80Some Ball 7stops blocking
1:41.97Some Ball 2stops blocking
1:43.20Trans Rightsgrabs
1:43.48Some Ball 9returns(−12.40, −3.58)
Trans Rightsreturns(−12.08, −2.75)
Some Ball 9drops Trans Rightsdrops
1:43.65Some Ball 7starts preventing
1:43.73sbs suck assgrabs
1:43.98Ball of Famegrabs
1:44.2514stops blocking
1:44.65Some Ball 2stops preventing
Some Ball 7stops preventing
1:44.72Trans Rightsstarts buttoning
1:44.9014starts blocking
1:46.78Ball of Famestarts blocking
1:51.2514stops blocking
1:51.78Some Ball 2returnsBall of Famestops blocking(−7.95, +1.05)
Ball of Famedrops
1:51.9014starts blocking
1:52.32Some Ball 7starts blocking
1:53.27Kildarstarts blocking
1:54.65Some Ball 2starts preventing
1:54.72Trans Rightsstops buttoning
1:55.65Some Ball 2stops preventing
1:56.90Some Ball 9returns14stops blocking(−9.75, −4.25)
1:57.32Some Ball 7stops blocking
1:58.27Some Ball 2returnsKildarstops blocking(−7.93, −6.48)
1:59.68Trans Rightsstarts buttoning
2:01.77sbs suck asspowers up
2:02.15Some Ball 9powers up
2:02.65Some Ball 2starts preventing
2:06.77Some Ball 7starts blocking
2:08.50sbs suck asstagsKildarpops(+2.45, +3.48)
2:09.68Trans Rightsstops buttoning
2:09.72Some Ball 9starts buttoning
2:10.63Some Ball 2starts blocking
2:11.55Ball of Famestarts blocking
2:12.65Some Ball 7starts preventing
2:13.93Some Ball 9powers down
2:14.12Some Ball 9tagsKildarpops(+4.40, +2.40)
2:14.18Trans Rightsstarts blocking
2:14.72Some Ball 9stops buttoning
2:15.4514starts blocking
2:15.63Some Ball 2stops blocking
2:16.28Ball of Famegrabs
2:16.55Some Ball 7returnsBall of Famestops blocking(−11.35, −3.75)
Ball of Famedrops
2:18.65Some Ball 2stops preventing
Some Ball 7stops preventing
2:19.87sbs suck assstarts blocking
2:20.45Some Ball 2returns14stops blocking(−7.60, −9.40)
2:20.65Some Ball 7starts preventing
2:21.77sbs suck asspowers down
2:21.80Ball of Famestarts blocking
2:21.90Trans Rightsgrabs
2:22.12Trans Rightsstops blocking
2:22.15Some Ball 7returnsTrans Rightsdrops (−12.20, −2.65)
2:22.65Some Ball 2starts preventing
2:24.37Some Ball 7stops blocking
2:24.87sbs suck assstops blocking(−13.65, −6.03)
sbs suck assdrops Ball of Famereturns
2:25.12Some Ball 9grabs
2:25.65Some Ball 2stops preventing
Some Ball 7stops preventing
2:26.80Ball of Famestops blocking
2:26.97Some Ball 7returnsKildardrops (−4.38, −3.05)
2:27.63Some Ball 9starts blocking
2:28.65Some Ball 7starts preventing
2:28.78Trans Rightsstarts blocking
2:29.07Ball of Famegrabs
2:29.2314starts blocking
2:29.65Some Ball 7stops preventing
2:29.68Some Ball 2starts buttoningTrans Rightsstarts buttoning
2:32.63Some Ball 9stops blocking(−8.28, −1.95)
Some Ball 9drops
2:33.65Kildarstarts preventing
2:34.33Trans Rightsstops blocking
2:34.3814stops blocking
2:34.68Some Ball 2stops buttoningTrans Rightsstops buttoning
2:35.12Ball of Famestarts blocking
2:35.65Kildarstops preventing
2:36.65Some Ball 7grabs
2:40.07sbs suck assstarts blocking
2:40.12Some Ball 9returnsBall of Famestops blocking(+12.40, +2.85)
Ball of Famedrops
2:42.65Some Ball 7drops (+1.00, +5.98)
Kildarstarts preventing
2:42.90sbs suck assgrabs
2:43.65Kildarstops preventing
2:44.97Some Ball 9starts blockingBall of Famestarts blocking
2:45.07sbs suck assstops blocking(+13.03, +4.90)
Ball of Famereturns
sbs suck assdrops
2:45.12Some Ball 7starts blockingKildarstarts blocking
2:46.08Some Ball 2starts blocking
2:46.67Kildarstarts preventing
Ball of Famestarts preventing
2:48.78sbs suck assstarts blocking
2:49.25Some Ball 2grabs
2:49.67Kildarstops preventing
Ball of Famestops preventing
2:49.72Ball of Famestarts buttoning
2:50.12Some Ball 7stops blockingKildarstops blocking
2:51.08Some Ball 2stops blocking(+15.35, +5.75)
Some Ball 2drops
2:51.32Some Ball 7grabs
2:53.13Some Ball 9stops blockingBall of Famestops blocking
2:53.78sbs suck assstops blocking
2:54.33Some Ball 7starts blocking
2:54.72Ball of Famestops buttoning
2:56.8214starts blocking
2:58.45Some Ball 2starts blocking
2:59.33Some Ball 7stops blocking(−4.85, +1.53)
Ball of Famereturns
Some Ball 7drops
3:01.25Some Ball 9starts blocking
3:01.82Some Ball 9returns14stops blocking(+15.83, −5.53)
3:01.90Some Ball 9powers up
3:02.57Some Ball 2grabs
3:03.45Some Ball 2stops blocking(+15.40, +0.80)
Ball of Famereturns
Some Ball 2drops
3:03.58sbs suck assgrabs
3:04.25Trans Rightspowers up
3:04.48sbs suck assstarts blocking
3:05.67Some Ball 7starts preventing
3:06.25Some Ball 9stops blocking
3:06.58Some Ball 9tags14pops(+4.35, +2.18)
3:07.15Trans Rightsgrabs
3:07.67Some Ball 7stops preventing
3:09.48sbs suck assstops blocking(−5.08, +5.38)
Ball of Famereturns
sbs suck assdrops
3:10.67Some Ball 9grabs
3:17.95Some Ball 9returnsTrans Rightsdrops (+4.65, −5.85)
Some Ball 9powers down
3:18.20Ball of Famegrabs
3:19.68Kildarstarts buttoning
3:20.05Some Ball 9returns(−7.70, −1.95)
Ball of Famereturns(−8.33, −2.68)
Some Ball 9drops Ball of Famedrops
3:20.30Some Ball 7grabs
3:23.13Some Ball 7starts blocking
3:24.23Trans Rightspowers down
3:24.68Kildarstops buttoning
3:24.72sbs suck assstarts buttoning
3:25.27Trans Rightsstarts blocking
3:27.87Ball of Famestarts blocking
3:28.13Some Ball 7stops blocking(−9.75, +3.03)
Trans Rightsreturns
Some Ball 7drops
3:29.72sbs suck assstops buttoning
3:30.27Trans Rightsstops blocking
3:30.93sbs suck asstagsTrans Rightspops(+0.58, +4.98)
3:31.67Ball of Famestarts preventing
3:33.27Some Ball 7starts blocking
3:33.48Some Ball 2starts blocking
3:33.95Ball of Famestops blocking
3:35.6714starts preventing
3:36.22sbs suck assgrabs
3:36.45sbs suck assdrops (+11.05, +3.25)
Trans Rightsreturns
3:37.60Some Ball 7grabs
3:37.6714stops preventing
Ball of Famestops preventing
3:38.27Some Ball 7stops blocking(+9.73, +1.05)
Ball of Famereturns
Some Ball 7drops
3:38.30Some Ball 2grabs
3:38.48Some Ball 2stops blocking
3:38.53Some Ball 2drops (+11.43, +3.75)
Trans Rightsreturns
3:38.6714starts preventing
Trans Rightsstarts preventing
Ball of Famestarts preventing
3:40.6714stops preventing
Trans Rightsstops preventing
Ball of Famestops preventing
3:43.78sbs suck assstarts blocking
3:45.28Some Ball 9starts blocking
3:45.67Some Ball 2starts preventing
3:46.03Ball of Famestarts blocking
3:46.6714starts preventing
Kildarstarts preventing
3:48.63sbs suck assgrabs
3:48.6714stops preventing
Kildarstops preventing
3:48.78sbs suck assstops blocking
3:50.28Some Ball 9stops blocking
3:50.48Trans Rightsgrabs
3:50.67Some Ball 2stops preventing
3:50.85sbs suck assstarts blocking
3:51.92Ball of Famestops blocking
3:54.7014starts buttoning
3:55.85sbs suck assstops blocking(+3.03, −4.48)
sbs suck assdrops
3:56.10Some Ball 9grabs
3:58.48Some Ball 9starts blocking
3:59.7014stops buttoning
4:02.07Some Ball 7powers up
4:03.48Some Ball 9stops blocking(−11.70, +2.58)
Some Ball 9drops
4:03.73Some Ball 2grabs
4:08.35Ball of Famepowers up
4:10.62Some Ball 2starts blocking
4:11.80Trans Rightsstarts blocking
4:15.62Some Ball 2stops blocking(−1.23, −6.23)
Some Ball 2drops
4:16.63Some Ball 7grabs
4:16.80sbs suck assreturnsTrans Rightsstops blocking(+14.18, −2.25)
Trans Rightsdrops
4:17.77Kildarstarts blocking
4:18.02Some Ball 7starts blocking
4:22.07Some Ball 7powers down
4:22.77Some Ball 9returnsKildarstops blocking(+5.05, −2.10)
4:23.02Some Ball 7stops blocking(−9.75, −1.65)
Some Ball 7drops
4:23.08Ball of Famepowers down
4:23.27sbs suck assgrabs
4:24.60Trans Rightsgrabs
4:30.90sbs suck assstarts blocking
4:31.08sbs suck assreturns(−13.40, +6.53)
Trans Rightsreturns(−14.05, +5.85)
sbs suck assdrops Trans Rightsdrops
4:31.25Some Ball 2grabs
4:32.05Some Ball 2starts blocking
4:35.88Some Ball 9starts blocking
4:35.90sbs suck assstops blocking
4:37.05Some Ball 2stops blocking(−14.53, −6.03)
Ball of Famereturns
Some Ball 2drops
4:37.30Some Ball 9grabs
4:40.88Some Ball 9stops blocking(+2.15, +4.33)
Trans Rightsreturns
Some Ball 9drops
4:41.13Some Ball 7grabs
4:41.52Some Ball 2starts blocking
4:44.72Some Ball 7starts blocking
4:46.52Some Ball 2stops blocking
4:49.72Some Ball 7stops blocking(−8.85, +0.48)
Ball of Famereturns
Some Ball 7drops
4:49.97sbs suck assgrabs
4:51.22Some Ball 9starts blocking
4:52.20sbs suck asstagsBall of Famepops(+1.55, +5.08)
4:52.48sbs suck assreturns(+10.43, +6.45)
14returns(+11.35, +6.45)
sbs suck assdrops 14drops
4:54.7214starts buttoning
4:55.68Some Ball 7starts preventing
4:55.87Some Ball 9grabs
4:56.22Some Ball 9stops blocking(+11.50, +1.83)
Ball of Famereturns
Some Ball 9drops
4:58.08Trans Rightsgrabs
4:58.68Some Ball 7stops preventing14starts preventing
Ball of Famestarts preventing
4:59.40Some Ball 2starts blocking
4:59.7214stops buttoning
5:02.6814stops preventing
5:03.0714powers up
5:04.35Some Ball 7grabs
5:04.68Ball of Famestops preventing
5:05.63Some Ball 7returns(+12.08, −0.50)
Trans Rightsreturns(+11.20, −0.73)
Some Ball 7drops Trans Rightsdrops
5:05.68Ball of Famestarts preventing
5:06.40Trans Rightsstarts blocking
5:07.40sbs suck assgrabs
5:07.43Some Ball 2stops blocking
5:07.68Ball of Famestops preventing
5:07.85sbs suck assstarts blocking
5:11.40Trans Rightsstops blocking
5:12.85sbs suck assstops blocking(+6.90, −3.20)
Trans Rightsreturns
sbs suck assdrops
5:12.97Some Ball 7powers up
5:13.00Some Ball 9starts blocking
5:14.88Some Ball 9grabs
5:16.28sbs suck assstarts blocking
5:17.22Some Ball 2pops(+8.50, +0.83)
5:18.00Some Ball 9stops blocking(+16.15, −0.80)
Trans Rightsreturns
Some Ball 9drops
5:18.6814starts preventing
5:18.85Some Ball 7powers down
5:19.03Some Ball 7grabs
5:19.55Some Ball 7returns(+13.33, +1.95)
Kildarreturns(+13.90, +1.25)
Some Ball 7drops Kildardrops
5:19.6814stops preventing
5:19.7214starts buttoning
5:20.68Trans Rightsstarts preventing
Ball of Famestarts preventing
5:20.87sbs suck assgrabs
5:21.28sbs suck assstops blocking(+12.88, +2.18)
Ball of Famereturns
sbs suck assdrops
5:21.68Trans Rightsstops preventing
Ball of Famestops preventing
5:23.0714powers down
5:24.68Some Ball 2starts preventing
5:24.7214stops buttoning
5:26.22Trans Rightsgrabs
5:26.47Some Ball 2returnsTrans Rightsdrops (−11.53, −2.28)
5:26.68Some Ball 2stops preventing14starts preventing
Kildarstarts preventing
Ball of Famestarts preventing
5:30.03sbs suck assstarts blocking
5:32.00Some Ball 7starts blocking
5:32.80sbs suck assgrabs
5:33.6814stops preventing
Kildarstops preventing
Ball of Famestops preventing
5:34.68Some Ball 2starts preventing
5:35.03sbs suck assstops blocking(+9.83, +9.95)
sbs suck assdrops
5:35.05Some Ball 7grabs
5:37.00Some Ball 7stops blocking(+7.95, +3.65)
Ball of Famereturns
Some Ball 7drops
5:37.20Trans Rightsstarts blocking
5:37.6814starts preventing
Kildarstarts preventing
5:38.68Some Ball 2stops preventing
5:39.68Some Ball 2starts preventing
5:39.70Trans Rightsstarts buttoning
5:41.12Ball of Famegrabs
5:41.68Some Ball 2stops preventing
5:42.20Trans Rightsstops blocking
5:43.82Kildarstarts blocking
5:44.70Trans Rightsstops buttoning
5:44.7214starts buttoning
5:48.70Some Ball 2starts blocking
5:48.82Kildarstops blocking
5:49.7214stops buttoning
5:50.55sbs suck assstarts blocking
5:51.35Some Ball 9starts blocking
5:51.58Some Ball 2grabs
5:51.6814stops preventing
Kildarstops preventing
5:53.6814starts preventing
5:53.70Some Ball 2stops blocking(+10.55, −3.08)
Some Ball 2drops
5:53.95Some Ball 7grabs
5:54.6814stops preventing
5:54.70Trans Rightsstarts buttoning
5:55.55sbs suck assstops blocking
5:56.35Some Ball 9stops blocking
5:59.70Trans Rightsstops buttoning
match end
Some Ball 2stops 14wins
sbs suck assstops Trans Rightswins
Some Ball 7stops Kildarwins
Some Ball 9stops Ball of Famewins